Lucky Star (Wisconsin)

Josh and I visited the Wisconsin Dells last weekend and you know what that means…new restaurants! Have a look:

Before heading to the Dells, we had lunch @ Lucky Star Pub in Burlington (about 2 and a half hours from the Dells where our trip began). This wasn’t your typical pub…the menu reflected a lot of Mexican cooking. For me: Amazing. For Wisconsin: Unique!

Queso Dip: Creamy queso dip melted with seasoned ground chuck and adobe spices. Seriously, the best queso we’ve had in a while. Cheesy, spicy, with a great Mexican flavor and addicting! Tip: Serving queso dip in a skillet keeps it hot and steamy, enhancing flavor.

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Barbacoa Enchiladas: Slow cooked, braised beef, stuffed into corn tortillas, topped with a poblano cream sauce and melted chihuahua cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, rice and refried beans. Barbacoa is a beef dish my Mexican Family (The Ruiz’s) would make and unless you’re in an authentic Mexican Restaurant, you won’t find it at a pub. The poblano cream sauce was light and refreshing, a perfect pair to the rich, saltiness of the beef. Delicious!


What I loved about Lucky Star Pub was that it had that great pub feel, but the menu was full of variety with a twist. It consisted of everything from Lasagna to Burgers, to Shrimp scampi to Southwest classics and breakfast.  Half the menu was dedicated to South of the border favorites like chimichangas and skirt steak tacos. Lucky Star Pub is serving up killer food and a plethora of beers and specialty drinks. If you’re ever in the area, stop in. There’s something for everyone on their menu.

Come back for my next featured stop as I continue my trip to Wisconsin.


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