Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Company (Wisconsin Dells)

Moosejaw is a huge family restaurant located in the Wisconsin Dells. The Dells only  micro brewery comes equipped with pool tables, an arcade, and 3 floors of seating. Moosejaw has that cabin feel and has a little bit of something for everyone.

Beer Cheese Soup: A thick & tasty cheese soup with red & green peppers, onions, potatoes & bratwurst, made with our Rustic Red Amber Ale! (Available in 6 packs) Hands down, the best beer cheese soup I’ve ever had (When in Rome, right?) The flavor of the soup itself was delicious without the bitter beer taste. The chunky veggies made it hearty and made it more of a chowder than a soup. The bratwurst was awesome! After one bite, my mouth lit up with confusion trying to comprehend the spicy from the bratwurst and the richness from the beer and cheese.


Onions, bacon, and Canadian bacon (Ham) Pizza: You pick the size of pie you want and add whatever toppings you choose. So this pizza was recommended to us as being sooo good. I thought it was just OK. (Hey, it’s MY blog, right?) The toppings were fresh, cheesy, and generous, but the pizza could’ve been cooked for a couple of minutes longer  (slightly dough-y in the middle). The only thing we were missing:  flavored crust! Even a little brush of garlic butter around the edges would’ve been nice. We were told by our friends that none of the pizza in Wisconsin has buttered or flavored crust. Bummer!  Just another reason why the Mitten is better 😉



I went with the Blonde Bock: It is a deep golden, medium-bodied lager which gets its color, body & sweet malt character from imported Vienna malt.  (ABV 7.1%). This lager came with a little bite, but for 7 % ABV it was worth it.

Josh got the Honey Ale: Brewed with pure Wisconsin honey; this bright golden ale is both thirst quenching & easy on the taste buds. (ABV 4%). Very light beer with a hint of honey. Available in 6 packs @ Moosejaw.

Raspberry Creme Ale: Real raspberries are added to create a mild-bodied aromatic brew with a hint of sweet berry flavor. (ABV 4%). You could definitely taste the raspberry creme, but it was a little too sweet for me. After one beer I would feel too full to drink more than that.

Apricot Ale: This medium-bodied ale is deep golden with hues of orange.  After fermentation, 300 pounds of apricots were added to give this tangy apricot beer great flavor & aroma. (ABV 4.5 % ). Slight Apricot flavor, without being too sweet. Yummy!

If you like that brewery feel, then Moosejaw is a good place to check out if you’re ever in the Dells. With true Wisconsin roots, Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Company has entertainment, beer, and food. It’s the perfect playground for the child or adult in your. What more could you want when dining out?

Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon


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