Marley’s (Wisconsin Dells)

If you’re looking for dinner and a dance floor, check out Marley’s in the Wisconsin Dells. With a cool, Caribbean feel, Marley’s has food, drinks, dancing, and even will shuttle your butt back to your hotel when you’re done.

Gator Bites: In my opinion, alligator tastes like chicken, with a little chew. A little greasy, but the crunch of the breading balances it out. Very delicious. Served with a creole, spicy dipping sauce to add just a touch of heat.  Image

Calypso Cuban: Ham and Roasted Pork, melted Swiss cheese, topped with pickles, lettuce, and tomato: The pork had a good flavor, but the juice made the bread soggy. Bummer. Image

Jerk Chicken: Marinated chicken breast seasoned with spicy, Caribbean jerk spices. Very tasty, without being too hot.


BBQ Jerk Pork: Marinated pork with jerk spices topped with BBQ sauce: The pork had a good flavor, but there wasn’t much meat. Not a very good bang for your buck, but it tasted better than the wet burrito (By wet burrito I mean Cuban). Image

Marley’s is a good place to go for the atmosphere. The food is decent, but the whole Caribbean feel comes from the Reggae music. There’s a huge outside patio that doubles as a club equipped with a bar whipping out drinks as early as 11 am. If you really feel like dancing, head inside and enjoy Marley’s Club.

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