Texas de Brazil

For my birthday I received a “Buy one get one free” dinner @ the Brazilian steakhouse, so Josh and I decided to check it out.

Tip: Signing up for restaurant and company e-mail clubs usually promises good benefits.

First, you have your choice of a very, unique salad bar including a plethora of different artisan cheeses and meats, pickled garden mix, and herb olives. Not to mention your greens, and cold salads. I was a little disappointed because there wasn’t your typical toppings like egg, peas, or craisins. I do give props for not having the same old boring salad items that you can get anywhere, but there are some favorites I would’ve kept. However, they did have sushi: California rolls!


Once we were done with our salads, our server brought over fresh plates and we flipped over our “tokens” to green. (Green means: Go meat)! The endless offerings of red meat were a little overwhelming, but still an awesome experience. My favorite was the filet Mignon, which was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. And it melted in my mouth like butter. (Pictured: Filet Mignon is that juicy, pinkish, little nugget in the middle).


The unlimited meats were served with sides of garlic mashed potatoes, cheese rolls (a little doughy in the middle), candied bananas (bananas topped with brown sugar and caramelized til golden), and white rice, black beans, or soup (available at the salad bar). The bananas were really good, but just a little too sweet to eat too much.


Parmesan Chicken and Flank Steak: The chicken we didn’t care for too much, but the flank steak was thin and moist.


Parmesan Pork and Bacon wrapped filet Mignon. The Pork was juicy, but tasted like a pork chop (I’m not a big fan). The bacon wrapped steak was amazing and everything you hope for!Image

To be honest, I expected more out of Texas de Brazil. The restaurant was gorgeous and the service was good. I’m just not a huge red meat eater and I found all the steak to be very salty. I also thought the salad bar would have more options because the web site stated there were 50-60 items (didn’t seem like).

For the price, I would not return. Josh and I actually left feeling a little hungry, but there’s only so much steak our bodies can take. Besides, I also can’t eat that much at one time. Personally, I’m a girl that likes balance.  If you’re a carnivore and want to indulge in a never ending buffet of delicious meat, then Texas de Brazil is the place for you! There is something empowering about flipping over a single “token” and being served endless meat right at your table.

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