Campus Martius for Lunch!

One thing I love about working in the heart of Downtown Detroit is being so close to Campus Martius Park. Check them out for live music, the Beach Bar & Grille, sunbathing in the sand, and great food. Janet and I decided to try out some of the “food shack’s” posted up and serving up awesome lunch deals 10 am to 2 pm.

Margherita pizza from Rollin’ Stone Wood Fired Pizza (These guys are literally rolling a pizza over an oven and making some mean pies).


It only took about 5 min and this cheesy, ooey, gooey, yet crispy crusted masterpiece was handed to me. You can really taste the freshness. Good job guys!

I tried to snag a close up…disregard the dude sitting in front of the food truck where the pizza oven is located.


People’s Pierogi Collective

Served with a kielbasa link and a scoop of sour kraut (pucker up!) for only $6

Potato & Cheese: Classic and fulfilling

Cheese: Traditional and satisfying

Spinach: Cheesy, rich filling.


Being the Polish girl that I am, of course I had to check em out. Peoples Pierogi’s are dishing out really delicious, authentic favorites.

I was sad to see that the food shacks were taken down to prepare for the Jazz Festival this Labor Day weekend.  You can still catch the food trucks during lunchtime so you can experience them for yourself.  There’s also tons of food choices for the Jazz Festival so take a trip and check em out. Support Food Trucks!


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