Roast Beef Enchiladas

Thursday’s I go to Josh’s for dinner and his mom cooks some pretty creative dishes. I think secretly she is trying to make a good impression. Well Judy, the enchilada’s scored a spot on the blog!

Her dish is a mix of an enchilada (white girl style) recipe I passed on to her and her own special touch.

Side note: Judy makes the best Roast Beef

So when I tasted the enchiladas and realized that she married the two dishes together I got all giddy inside. Especially because the roast beef had a Barbacoa flavor (Barbacoa: Mexican slow-cooked meat) that really went perfectly inside an enchilada. I’m not sure if she meant to do that, but moms do amazing things even if it’s not on purpose.



1 lb chicken or beef

1 diced onion

3 cans of enchilada sauce

5 bunches of diced green onion

1-2 packages of corn tortillas (Or flour if that’s your preference)

1- 2 packages of shredded cheese (Mexican or Muenster are the best)

Start off by browning chicken or beef (or if you’re like Jacki, you can do veggie or cheese enchiladas). I saute with onions and a half of a can of enchilada sauce then set aside. Next,  I dip a tortilla in some enchilada sauce and slightly warm in a skillet until it starts to sizzle and fry. Then take off heat and add meat mixture, cheese, green onions, spoonful of enchilada sauce and tightly roll. Place in a baking dish (9” x 13” glass works fine) coated with enchilada sauce (that way the bottom of the tortillas don’t burn or stick). Top with remaining enchilada sauce (should be at least one can), shredded cheese, and green onions for color.

****Instead of chicken or beef, Judy used the roast beef she previously cooked as the meat filling.***

Tip: Add as much cheese as you like.

Bake for about 25 min (or until cheese is bubbly and slightly browned) on 350 degrees.

This recipes make about 15 enchiladas (depending on how fat you stuff them and how many you can cram into the baking dish).

roast beef enchiladas

Judy served her enchiladas with garlic toast (Hey, garlic toast goes with any meal). The roast beef was buttery, melt in your mouth tender, and fell apart when I took a bite. These enchilada’s were cheesy, gooey, and unbelievably delicious. They blew my recipe out of the water! This is my new favorite dish and really hits the spot. Serious comfort food!


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