Treat Dreams

Located on Woodward Ave in Downtown Ferndale, Treat Dreams is a local favorite scooping out some wild and crazy flavors. Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Covered Potato Chip, & Brown Sugar Ham are just a few of the homemade flavors this ice cream shop is whipping up. The flavors change so stop in to see what’s on the menu.

Raspberry Jalapeno: I tried a sample and it was sweet and spicy, but the jalapeno just wasn’t doing it for me. I think sweet goes better with Habanero Pepper, rather than Jalapeno.

Sunday Breakfast: Maple ice cream with pieces of bacon and waffle. Josh got it in a milkshake which was a good move, but after a while it wasn’t cold anymore. The maple ice cream was delicious, but the bacon tasted more like bacon bits then the real thing and became soggy about halfway through. Props to the idea!

Salted Carmel & Butterbeer Sundae: The Butterbeer was a combo of butterscotch ice cream and Vernors flavored ice cream. The Butterbeer was sweet and delicious. I’m not huge on butterscotch, but the Vernor’s seemed to balance it out making it not super sweet.


The Salted Carmel was terrible! I’ve had Salted Carmel flavored frozen yogurt @ Yogurtopia & a Salted Carmel Mocha Frapp @ Starbucks and both were tasty, This ice cream was so bitter it tasted as though I took a swig of OJ after brushing my teeth. I get the whole sweet compliments salty deal, but this was just straight up bitterness. I ate about half of it trying trick myself into liking it, and it still didn’t work.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t try the Chocolate Covered Potato Chip ice cream, but there’s always next time. With all the weird and wacky flavors there are bound to be a couple I wasn’t a fan of, but I will definitely be back.  I’m just dying to know what the heck Mac & Cheese ice cream tastes like! If you are sick of the same old boring ice cream, check out Treat Dreams for some different, interesting flavors.

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2 thoughts on “Treat Dreams

  1. Wow how off the mark can an article get. It seems as though treat dreams heated the shake in a microwave ….. but after a while it wasn’t cold anymore … what does that mean … was it warm? Maybe you should drink it a little faster! Last time I checked bacon bits are made from bacon … what would you like whole strips to suck thru a straw? Where did you have the habanero ice cream? You also prefer pre packaged Starbucks salted carmel mocha frappé instead of in house hand made carmel ice cream with no mocha …. brilliant frappe to ice cream comparison! I don’t like butterscotch (and now you’re a butterbeer expert) then why did you order it? … stick to Dairy Queen! You’re all over the place.

    • I do expect there to be people who don’t agree with my review. Everyone has an opinion. Thank you for yours. 🙂 Even though a flavor or dish may not be my favorite, I still want to try it if it sounds interesting. Turns out the Butterbeer @ Treat Dreams was great, I just wasn’t a fan of the Salted Carmel and that’s OK. As for the bacon bits…I want real bacon flavor, it just tasted like it was the fake stuff from the grocery store. Have you tried the Sunday Breakfast or the Salted Carmel? I’d love to hear what you thought of them. You should also try the Mango Habanero Sherbert from Green Dot Stables. It’s pretty good. Not everyone will like everything a company or restaurant puts out, which is why there are choices and variety. Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a good day!

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