Cracker Barrel

After Janet and I’s 5K ( Scope it Out to support Colon Cancer) this past Saturday we decided to celebrate at Cracker Barrel in Belleville. Cracker Barrel Restaurants are strategically located off of highways and you can usually catch them while taking a break from road tripping. We are oh so lucky to have a few located in MI: Belleville, Monroe, Brighton, and Roseville. If you love home cooking, everything that reminds you of your Granny and makes you feel all warm inside, Cracker Barrel is the place to go. There also is an “Old County Store” at every restaurant filled with everything from taffy to holiday decorations.

My favorite is the Chicken Fried Chicken, but this time I was feeling like breakfast.

Sunrise Sampler: Two Eggs* cooked to order with Grits, Sawmill Gravy and Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits along with real Butter and the best Preserves, Jam n’ Apple Butter available. Served with Fried Apples, Hashbrown Casserole and a sampling of Smoked Sausage, Country Ham and Thick-Sliced Bacon. The Hashbrown casserole has cheese and onions and is delicious. The fried apples are warm, sweet, and mouth-watering. The Jam n’ Apple Butter is reminds me of something my Grandparents would make and its so comforting on a biscuit. This basically is everything I could ever ask for in a breakfast.


biscuits and gravy

If you’re used to IHOP or your local coney island for breakfast, that’s fine. I’m not knocking it, but seriously eat at Crack Barrel. It’s reasonably priced, delicious, and you get to play the Triangle Peg Game! And if you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s time to pay a visit to Crack Barrel.

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