Root Beer Flavored Beer

This past weekend Allison and I stopped in to Fort St. Brewery for a drink. Located in Lincoln Park, MI, Fort St. Brewery has a range of brewed beers including IPA’s (Indian Pale Ale), light ales, stouts, and reds.They also have a menu consisting of bar foods, sandwiches, pizza, and salads. The food is mediocre and the service isn’t the best, but today I want to share a beer that is unique to Fort St. Brewery.

Now, there’s something on the menu that intrigues my taste buds and that is the Sarsaparilla: a root beer flavored beer. Made from the sarsaparilla root which gives the beer it’s root beer flavor, this beer is light with a subtle hint of root beer. When I first tried it years ago, it was different, but I think that’s what hooked me. I’m not even a huge root beer drinker, but this beer isn’t as strong as root beer which is perfect for the occasional root beer fan like myself.

root beer

Another good thing about Fort St. Brewery is that the prices are reasonable and they have a beer fan club you can join for even more specials and savings.

Fort Street Brewery on Urbanspoon


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