Market Buffet

The Market Buffet @ Caesar’s Windsor has a lot of delicious stops, but my favorite is the pasta bar. Now, we’ve all  heard of the create your own stirfry made famous by Bd’s Mongolian Grill, but here’s the latest craze: create your own pasta! I’ve heard of a few restaurants that specialize in this innovation, but this is fairly new to the casino scene.

My creation: Grilled chicken, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, grilled zucchini, and a mix of Alfredo and meat sauce (I stole the sauce idea from the guy in front of me). I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but toot toot! First, I tasted the sweetness from the onions then the freshness from the zucchini. I thought mixing the meat sauce and Alfredo was a mistake at first, but it wasn’t. The meat sauce added texture, and the Alfredo sauce was rich and creamy. And who doesn’t like garlic? It was served with a fresh, hot, buttery, bread stick for your dipping pleasure.


I still think the Detroit casino buffet’s are better, but they don’t have a create your own pasta option so across the border we go. The only bad part was coming back to the states. Silly Border Patrol.

Market Buffet on Urbanspoon


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