Turkey Enchilada

With leftover Thanksgiving turkey I made enchiladas:

1. Heat white and dark meat turkey in a saute pan in enchilada sauce with onions.

2. Dip flour tortilla in enchilada sauce and fill with meat mixture

3. Add shredded cheese of choice. I used muenster cheese and colby jack mix.

4. Fold tortilla over and top with enchilada sauce, onions, and cheese.


My “White Girl” Enchilada recipe was actually inspired by Taco Bell’s enchirito. This was their fast food take on enchiladas: cheesy, beefy, with a lot of tangy red sauce.  I used to love these years ago, and although I don’t eat fast food anymore, that doesn’t mean I can’t recreate my favorite flavors at home. My recipe tastes very similar to the south of the border menu item, but is cheaper and healthier. The tortilla is soft, the cheese is melty, and the turkey is lean yet flavorful. The best part is that this doesn’t have to be just a recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers, you can use it year round.



One thought on “Turkey Enchilada

  1. Love it! Hey, I won’t deny lovin’ some taco bell on occasion, especially late night! I do not eat fast food much at all but on occasionally it can taste good! Also, in high school my friends and I were addicted to the crunch wrap supremes on their first time out.

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