Shish Garden

Tee, her mom, Pat, and I decided to stop in to Shish Garden for dinner Saturday. Located on Allen Rd. in Woodhaven, MI., this place offers some of the best Mediterranean food around.

Lentil Soup: Hearty and thick. With each bite you get freshness and brightness from the lemon. Really good.


Chicken Sajji Sandwich: I describe this sandwich as the Chicken Shawarma’s zesty, white meat, cousin. The Sajji sauce was garlicy , slightly spicy, and had tons of mouth watering flavor. The spices really came through. This is my new favorite sandwich. You have to try it, it’s awesome. The Sajji sauce was so good I switched from dipping my pita bread in the hummus to this sauce.


Chicken Kabob: The chicken was charred, yet still moist and juicy.


Grape Leaves: Light, lemony, and fresh. You can really taste the quality and care put into each perfectly rolled grape leaf.


Our visit was a success. The manager even came over to our table when he heard I was going to do a write up. He was very nice and friendly. Tee knew one of the servers and he brought over an order of hummus on the house which was an unexpected surprise. He was also very knowledgeable, giving us tons of suggestions and even bringing us out different sauces to try. The food was so flavorful and delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted so many different spices at once, but they all blended well together. The service was perfect and the whole staff at Shish Garden really made us feel at home. I’m not sure if my food writing had anything to do with it, but unlike other places, they really stepped it up.  I will definitely be back.

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