New Peking

Located on Ford Rd, in Garden City, New Peking is one of the better Chinese restaurants I’ve been to. I’ve been craving General Tso’s Chicken and this place finally satisfied my craving. Introduced to me first by my brother, I wanted to share my experience with Josh. He liked it.

See how they rated: 

Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 bites

Price/Quality: 3 out of 5 bites

Service: 3 out of 5 bites

Taste: 4 out of 5 bites

Wow Factor: 1 out of 5 bites


Egg Drop Soup: Classic Chinese soup with added tofu. I like this soup, because it doesn’t have that fake bright yellow hue that you get at some Chinese places. Creamy egg drop soup!


Sizzling Rice Soup: Josh’s pick! Chicken and Chinese greens served with sizzling morsels of golden rice crust. The golden rice crust was poured in at the table and actually sizzled when it touched the broth. However, the rice crust tasted a bit burnt and distracted me from the rest of the ingredients. The veggies and the broth had a good flavor. I was disappointed I had to ask our server for those yummy soup noodles. Those soup noodles were the reason I ordered soup in the first place!


Fried Wonton: Fried wontons filled with savory pork. The fried wonton was light and crispy and had a subtle sweetness tasting almost like elephant ear dough. Then you bite into the small center of savory pork and it added some saltiness to balance the sweetness. I only wish there were more of the pork filling.


Hot mustard & what I think was sweet plum sauce. Be careful with the mustard, it’s potent. The plum sauce went well with the fried wonton.


Chicken Fried Rice: I like that this fried rice is actually juicy and doesn’t taste like it was made hours ago.


General Tso’s Chicken: Marinated chunks of chicken breast stir-fried with vegetables in a house special brown sauce. Huge chunks of juicy, chicken breast with a delicious breading. I like that the breading wasn’t too crispy and the veggies were fresh. The sauce was sweet and spicy. This is what General Tso’s Chicken should taste like!


And now dessert…….

Almond Cookie: A little dry and didn’t taste fresh. Not the crumbly, soft almond cookie I’m used to. Eh.


New Peking is an authentic Chinese restaurant serving up huge portions for your money. You still get the old school Asian decor, but the flat screen TVs add a modern touch. I recommend New Peking if you are looking for great food, decent prices, and good service.     My favorite part: fortune cookies!



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Hawaiian Island

Hawaiian Island located on Van Horn Rd. in Trenton, MI is a local Chinese Restaurant cranking out a variety of popular dishes. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while and Amanda and I decided to get carry out Friday night. There’s something about carryout Chinese that is comforting and nostalgic to me so I was excited.

It’s very hard for me to find a Chinese Restaurant that really grabs my attention. Usually restaurants are hit or miss for me and unfortunately Hawaiian Island was a miss. Let me explain why…..

I ordered General Tso’s Chicken which is my favorite. I have been craving this dish for a while. When I opened my carryout container I was faced with a heaping serving of “naked” chicken and chicken fried rice. Ok, big portions are a plus, but the sauce just wasn’t on point. The sauce was on the side which was different then any other General Tso that I’ve had. The sauce wasn’t as sweet as I was used to and even looked like a light gravy. It still tasted good, but it just wasn’t what I had my heart set on. The chicken was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside,  but I wanted deep fried chicken coated in that thick sticky, rich sauce and sauteed in a screaming hot Wok. The fried rice was OK, but it was plain. Where was the egg, green onions, and bean sprouts?? My favorite part of the fried rice is those giant pieces of fried egg that me and Ma fight over. Eating is very emotional for me and when I’m disappointed it’s devastating. Ok Ok, so No I didn’t lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep, but I still didn’t satisfy my hankering for General Tso Chicken.


The good thing about Hawaiian Island was the price and portion size. I’m not kidding when I say that I ate four helpings off this “dinner” which also came with an egg roll. I don’t know if there are many restaurants where one dinner can feed a family of four. So my search for delicious General Tso Chicken is still on. Stay tuned for my next Chinese food write up.

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