Hot Chocolate

I had a bad case of the Monday’s today and wanted to wind down with a nice cup of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. Good thing my awesome significant other got me a lovely hot chocolate set for the holidays. 


All the flavors are delicious, but my favorite is the Caramel Cream. The Dark Chocolate comes up in 2nd place. There’s something about hot chocolate that just takes me back to my childhood. It’s the best.


Rice Bowl Asian Kitchen

If you work in Downtown Detroit like I do, you will happy to know that you can get Asian food delivered for lunch. Rice Bowl offers Thai favorites, Chinese dishes, and whole grain brown rice to eat it with. I attempted to satisfy my craving for General Tso’s Chicken, but was unsuccessful.

General Tso’s Chicken: The sauce was spot on, tangy and spicy, but the fried rice was very plain. Again, where was the egg? The green onions? Then, I bit into what I thought was a piece of breaded chicken breast, but it was a deep fried nugget of batter. Normally, I would welcome a treat like this, but the batter was dry and tasted awful. I’m not sure if this was an accident or intentional, but either way it was unfortunate. I like to share because the serving size is enough for two, but there’s a minimum for all deliveries, so you’re better off getting your own entree. For $9.50 plus a delivery charge, it was not worth it. I do recommend trying Rice Bowl though, maybe just avoid delivery. I  have had Schezwan Chicken here in the past and it was pretty good, so maybe something that isn’t battered is a better way to go.


I am still on the search for authentic, delicious General Tso’s Chicken. Stay tuned for more write ups as I continue on this hunt.

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Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese?

Classic Grilled Ham & Cheese featuring Vlasic Sandwich Stackers Dill Pickles


Grilled Ham & American Cheese with Dice Red Pepper and Onion. It looks burnt, but I swear it wasn’t. Sure it was a little on the done side, but it wasn’t time to get out the butter knife and scrape off the burnt layer. The onion and red pepper was a nice touch.