Zukins Rib Shack

Zukins has been a family favorite ever since I can remember. This carryout/delivery joint is located on Dix in Lincoln Park, MI. Zukins is cranking out ribs, chicken, seafood, pizza, subs, salads and more. I personally love the Rib Kabob dinner.

Rib Kabob: Breaded boneless ribs. Includes 3 kabobs, fries, cole slaw, and a roll for $6.50. There’s something about the breading soaked in barbeque sauce (which tastes like Open Pit) that is so delicious and brings me back to my childhood. It’s thick, crispy, and if I could order just a breading kabob I would (I’ll have to look into that on my next visit). I do like ribs, but I hate eating them off the bone so these rib kabobs are perfect. I know, I know, the bone keeps them juicy and moist, but the BBQ sauce takes care of that and the rib meat is still yummy. The cole slaw is also one of the best: lightly dressed, crunchy and pairs well with tangy BBQ.


If you haven’t tried Zukins, you must. I haven’t had their classic ribs, but their BBQ chicken dinner is also a hit. The BBQ sauce gets all gooey and caramelized on the crispy chicken skin. It’s how BBQ chicken should taste. The subs, pizza, and anything from the fryer is good. Check out the Pu Pu Platter (my brother’s favorite) which comes with cole slaw, ribs, chicken drumettes, an egg roll, onion rings, and jumbo shrimp. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s the perfect appetizer combo. Zukins is serving Downriver some delicious and unique dinners and you can’t beat the prices! Make Zukins your next choice for lunch or dinner.


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